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CZ Solution Print Tracking Software

cz-solution-largeWelcome to CZ Solution

A Managed Print Solutions for businesses and educational institutions of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company or trying to keep order in the hallowed halls of learning, this simple print management and print tracking software manages and tracks print jobs, bills your clients and organizes your printer queue to maximize efficiency and eliminate the confusion that can go with a large assortment of print jobs and machines.

print-tracker-czPrint Job Tracker 5.0

Starting from the print request generated at each workstation – the process steps are authenticated, information is secured, and wasted paper is eliminated. This software is used to keep count of print jobs, monitor the printers, and allows the end-user to attach client billing codes. Finally a billing report is generated and sent to your desired specifications.

CZ Print Release Station 4.0

Print jobs are kept on hold until released manually by student, patron staff or employee. When a print job is submitted, a dialog window can pop-up to allow the user to change the print job name on the user’s workstation for privacy, and / or create a password that the user will use to release that print job on the print release station. This software tool has proved fruitful for many organizations to save unwanted printing cost.

cz-copierCZ Copier Tracking System 2.0

A powerful centralized copy manager & copy counter that automate and simplifies the administration of regular or multi-function copiers. Easy to use copy management software that allows you to monitor and track all copying activity, charge copy jobs by user-entered PIN, control and authenticate who is copying, count copies, analyze and identify the cost of copies and eliminate wasted paper.

CZ Print Job Report 4.0

CZ Print Job Report 4.0 is a part of the print management tools for generating reports especially for analysis of print / copy cost and client billing. The print management software reporting tool is designed to provide options to manage reports. Not only you can view but also generate 100 reports – 64 reports are default ones with option to customize 36 reports. These reports are compatible with CZ print management software.

print-tracker-czPrint Polisher 1.0

Discover the power of your printer with our virtual print driver and manage various print tasks. CZ Print Polisher 1.0 print software that helps you to add any footer / header / watermark to your printed content in all your applications! Printing and print management services can be optimized to save customization time.

CZ Print Polish Marker 1.0

CZ Print Polish Marker 1.0 print software helps you add any footer / header / watermark to your printed content in all your applications!

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